EPE FOAM is made from Polyethylene as a product for wrapping products. Or make a bag of goods. To protect the surface of the product. Not to wrinkle It looks like a soft white sheet. Highly flexible

EPE FOAM in Brand S-cell foam : S-Cell is S&S? is own brand of non-crosslinked polyethylene foam. It is CFC and HCFC free and is fully recyclable. It is a medium to heavy density foam with a range from 25 Kg/m³ to 141 Kg/m³. S-Cell PE Foam is a cost efficient solution for cushioning, insulation and barrier applications. S-Cell Foam is highly resistant to grease, oil, other lubricants. Its water and moisture absorption is practically negligible due to its non-cross linked cell structure. S-Cell is available in white, pink and anti-static grades. S-Cell Foam comes in a standard width of 500mm. However, it can be supplied in any length and in any depth between 1-100mm.

S-Cell Technical datasheet


S-Cell Profile is a high quality closed cell PE foam that offers secure and effective protection for edges and corners. S-Cell Profile has excellent flexibility and is easy to cut to size, slip around corners and lay along edges. While in used it retains its shape and its protective qualities. S-Cell Profile is available in various lengths and sizes and we will produce special profiles on request. S-Cell Profile is CFC and HCFC free and is fully recyclable.

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