Plastic Tray

Plastic Tray Process

Plastic Tray is a plastic sheet forming into various forms by using Heat and Mold

Plastic Tray material

1. PET
In pure condition Transparent nature. Adding crystalline or semi-crystalline additives, which are white or translucent, or heat, will give PET a good condition.

2. ABS
Hard plastic It looks hard but brittle. Or if the hard property is sticky, it will look soft and soft. But ABS is different from conventional plastics. Because it is a plastic that is balanced in terms of hardness and toughness, the plastic has good impact resistance properties. In addition, ABS has many other outstanding properties such as strong resistance. Dimensionally stable abrasion, heat-resistant, chemical resistant, wide temperature range (from -20 ° C to 80 ° C) and can be formed in several ways.

Hardness, brittleness and fragility are less than HDPE and less flexible than LDPE. Very durable, can be hinged built-in.

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