Engineered Air EPS consists of 98% air. You can do more than heat insulation or shockproofing. But it can still be more than you think.

- Less material cost
- Less energy costs
- Less wastage
- Superior cushioning
- 100% Recycling

And of course, EPS is a smart choice to save money on packaging (EPS is the smartest way of saving money when it comes to packaging).

Expansion Process

EPS Expansion Process Expansion Process There are 3 expansion processes in EPS.
1. Pre-expansion
2. Ageing
3. Forming (Molding)

Extrusion Pelletizing Machine

How to recycle EPS with extrusion pelletizing machine
1. EPS will be broken down into small pieces of EPS foam.
2. The EPS fragments through the digesters are passed to the plastic extruder through heat and pressure until dissolved.
3. The dissolved EPS fragments flow out of the small outlet of the extruder and solidify into a continuous thin line.
4. Recycle EPS will pass through the Cooled system in the basin. After it dries, it will cut into small pieces.

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